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Thursday, January 02, 2014


And I'm so glad that I get to countdown w those dearest to me.

This post will be dedicated to the new addition of the family- Batman.

I joined SOSD in Nov last year so we have this group chat for our team. I woke up from my nap at around 11pm on 17th Dec 2013 and saw someone asking if we could foster Batman for the night. He wasn't under SOSD, he's just a stray that a stray feeder met. So I thought, why not? It's only for a night. Or maybe I wasn't fully awake.... but I said yes. LOL without asking my mum. When I told my mum after, she started worrying too much (mums....) But she knew of Batman even before I did. Apparently, one of the feeders is a UFM100.3 DJ and my mum was following her updates on FB. So we went down together to bring Batman up. Charmaine Yip, the DJ, or known as 丽梅, was sending him over.

When the leash was first passed to me, I got a shock on how strong he was. I've nv handled a big dog before and I didn't know he was going to be that big. I said yes without asking anything....HAHAH

These are the first photos we took tght. See how happy this boy is. Anyway, he was SUPER dirty. So we bathed him and found out he is afraid of water. Hahah Also, his stomach was growling so much.
I think this is also his first time being in a house.

 His first night here.

He is believed to be abandoned.

Why did they pick Batman out of all the other dogs?

This was taken from Li Mei's fb:

"昨晚忙完后,大概9点多rena打给我说,她找到batman了。但batman似在过去不见它的三个星期里,饱受了劫难一样,怎样都不肯离开Rena 的车。就这样,Rena舍不得却又因仍找不到可安置它的地方,继续懊恼地等着我到。我驱车赶到,时间已是晚间十点多。
这次再看到batman,它比上回毛发些许肮脏,身上更扎满了粒状带刺的植物。我和Rena 是一边转移它注意力,一边试图拔掉它身上这些扎肉的东西。后来在在无法找到安置它的地方,rena无奈决定开车走,待今天再回去载它。


Omg I need to translate now ah.....

"Last night after work, around 9pm Rena called me saying she found Batman. But after his disappearance for the past 3 weeks, he seems to have gone through a lot of sufferings and wouldn't leave Rena's car. Like he's afraid of going back out there. Hence, Rena couldn't bear leaving him and tried finding a place for him while waiting for me to reach. I rushed over and reached around 10+ pm.
Compared to the last time I saw him, he is dirtier and has small balls of prickly seeds on him. Rena and I worked together to distract him awhile another get those seeds off him. Not  being able to find a place, Rena decided to leave and come back today to fetch him.
When Batman realized Rena's car leaving, he chased hard after the car. This scene made me feel sad. After chasing for a distance, when Batman realised Rena's car cannot he seen anymore, he became frantic. He turned around and saw my car and blocked my way. I became soft hearted and stopped the car.
Just then, Batman kept using his front paw to knock on my car's window and whining, like begging me to open the door. I still couldn't bear, hence opened the door to let him in.
At that point of time, I was also at a lost. It was almost midnight. I started making calls for help to see if anyone can keep him for a night. Thankfully, when I was panicking, Alice, our listener called and told me she found a kind family for Batman.
Just like that, at midnight, the exhausted me brought him away. What's touching is that Batman sat obediently and allowed me to drive safely to the destination."


But I think it's gonna be the main highlight of this post. Pardon some words or the sentence structure cause I direct translate. Hahah

And how did we decide to adopt him?

 This was before Li Mei came to take him back.

And when he was taken back, I MISSED HIM THE WHOLE TIME.

So I asked her the next day on how Batman was doing. That was when she called me and I talked to her a bit and then my mum called her while I went to the gym and after I was done, I found out that we've adopted Batman LOL

So he officially joined our family on 19th Dec 2013

I heard that he was used as a guard dog for some site. Leashed to the gate to bark at people kind.
Wahlao so mean. He is only 2 years old (estimated). He still likes running and all.
Then I think they let him go cause he was too aggressive??? Whuuuuut...

But I think he was bullied a lot. He is very defensive against other dogs (found some bites on him too when he first came) and.....please pardon me but I'm not trying to be racist here but he is very defensive against dark skinned people. Guess the foreign workers bullied him a lot at the site too.

Oh and kids. Maybe he knows that I don't like kids too.

First morning of being family. So happy to see my mum walking out of her room hahah

What's a vacuum cleaner?

Both will automatically sit when treats are shown to them hahah

Sleep like a baby. Oh and I think he has never slept properly when he was out there.
He is still very alert when he's sleeping. And if anyone or Apple surprise him when he is sleeping, his first reaction will be to bite. But once he sees that it's us he stops. 

Just got scolded for something. Hahaha I think it was for wanting to bite Apple.

Brought him down myself for the first time with the leash I bought. SO NICE.
Blue polka dots

Bringing him down is a very challenging thing to do. He is so strong and he CHASES CATS.
Remember Cow cat? That stupid cat will purposely follow after I pull Batman away zzz

Cause it's very windly and cold at home now but he likes the wind so I have to wear warmer at home..

He is actually v skinny. He is still so boney.

First outing to Punggol Waterway Park
Unleashed him for awhile and he just kept following me....but he ran off once argh

 Very thankful for you, Batman.
He has also brought our family closer.
Even though you very mafan sometimes, we still love you.

This post took more than 1 hour....whutttttttt

Friday, December 13, 2013
3:36 AM

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Fading Polaroids 1:43 PM

Seems like I'm getting better...but thing is, I'm forgetting and I don't wanna forget. Yet.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013
I lead a boring life 3:03 AM


Bought this w Elle that day from a lady who was selling keychains on the street and saying she has Stage one cancer and has a daughter. And she's v skillful, asking us to just let her explain. Explain alr, saying no to her seemed quite bad. Might be a hoax but if it's true, we've just bought her kid a happy meal.

We've got a Llama as a friend.

Been studying, or rather doing my assignment at Coffee Bean the past 2 nights at HV.
Sat inside the first night and it's freeeeezing cold inside. Could barely feel my hands the whole time inside.
Tried their Red Velvet Hot Cocoa and it's not bad leh! I like~

So boring so boring, life is so boring.

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It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.-Tennyson